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My Lead Gen Secret How To Create Emails With Your Photo & Images



You've just done something most people don't…


Not Convinced Yet Then read this-----

Get 200 New Leads Per Day On Autopilot... GUARANTEED


How I Get 200 Leads Per Day

Below is a short report on how I get 200 Leads per day from a simple program called My Lead Gen Secret!

Why You Need My Lead Gen Secret!

This company has been getting a lot of attention over the past few months.

You can get 100 leads a day for $1?

Get 200 leads for $1 a day with just one active affiliate!

I’m going to give you the Pros and the Cons of this system.

The Cost of My Lead Gen Secret

When you first get start you have to pay for the entire first month upfront plus a setup fee of $30 one time.

So it’s going to cost you $60 dollars to get started.

(I got mine without the setup fee, this may still be available)

After the first month total cost is $1 per day for 100 leads.

Yes, you read that correctly. That's 1 cent per lead

There is no contract.

You can use the system as long as you like.

My Impression of Lead Gen Secret?

I looked up the owner Jim Harmon and found he has a really good reviews around the internet.

The First that I notice is how VERY inexpensive theses leads are.

The Second thing is You can do all your mailing from their platform.

So no need to download leads to Aweber or Getresponse and etc.

You can mail direct from your MyLeadGenSecret account and it’s actually very easy to do.

The Leads They Provide

All leads are mainly USA, Canadian, UK and a few others mixed in.

For example I Have been getting the following:

  • 90% USA Leads
  • 3-5% Canada Leads
  • 3-5% Australian and UK Leads

So they are Top Tier countries...

The fact is you are getting these leads for 1/2 cent!

I usually pay between 65 cents and up to $2.50 dollars for Top Tier leads. (Using Solo Ads)

The fact you are given 200 fresh leads on a daily basis is awesome.

How hard is it for you to get 200 Leads a Day? For me it takes a lot of money and time. So you can already see how good of a deal this is.


How to Go From 100 to 200 Leads Daily

This company will give you 200 leads per day for $1 as long as you have 1 active affiliate paying for the service. That's it.

I can tell you right now $30 is well worth it with the 6,000 fresh leads given to you per month.

My Statistics

Over the last 28 days mailing with the MyLeadGenSecret system I have had a total of 1744 clicks so far.

Spending just $30 a month for these clicks have been well worth it.

200 New leads a DAY for a $1 to get those results is crazy for me.

This is nothing short of incredible for this price.


Making Money

These Leads are all given you permission to contact them and are very interested in making money online.

Each lead includes their name, email, IP, city, state, zip, country.

All you need to do is find a Hot Selling product or service that these biz op people are going to buy from you.

My Lead Gen Secret is giving you the leads so there is no traffic, landing pages or auto responders to worry about. Just login and mail them.

These leads are people already interest in making money from home.

All you have to do is contact these people about your products or services.

How I Make Money From These Leads

I took the hottest selling products from Clickbank, Warrior Plus and JVzoo and send these leads those offers.

Once you select a product to sell all you need to do is click the promote button and grab your affiliate link.

Just use the email ads that are provided from these hot selling products you find off of Clickbank, Warrior Plus and JVzoo and plug them into My lead Gen Secret mailing system with Your affiliate link and hit send.

I personally used this exact method and I have profited over $272 in my very 12 days.

There is no reason to make things complicated.

It couldn’t get any simpler then this.

This is crazy considering I'm getting 200 leads a day for only $1.

My Lead Gen Secret Compensation Plan

mlgs compensation plan

mlgs earn bonus leads


My Final Thoughts?

It’s only been a few weeks with MLGS program but I can tell you its worth taking a look at. This will be taking your business to the next level.

I don’t know about you but paying only 1/2 cent for high quality leads that convert into sales is well worth it. Plus that amount of time I have been saving by not have to get as much traffic.

What I can tell you is I am already way into profit.

My list will also be hitting 6,000 leads really soon.

In just a few weeks into the program and I am mailing almost 6,000 Leads everyday now. NICE!!!

These Leads might not be as good as SEO Leads or Social Media Leads but for the price and how quick and for how many you get it is a great resource.

Will My Lead Gen Secret be the only system you need to build your list? NO, but for only $30 a month for 6,000 New Leads its a simple YES for making you more money!

If You Join or Not

Whether you plan on joining My Lead Gen Secret or not the simple truth is if you don't have a steady traffic flow to your service or products you will not succeed.

I can’t tell you how many people struggle because they want to do it their own way.

The question is are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Best Regards,

Mickey Smythwood Sr.




P.S. In case you did'nt know: What are “Opens” and “Clicks?” You’ve sent out your Campaign and you want to know how it performed. You head on over to the statistics section to see how many people have opened your emails. Then you see this Clicks section. And then you think “What is the difference between opens and clicks?” Don’t fret, you are not alone. It will surprise you how simple the answer truly is. Opens are defined as the contacts that open your campaign. Clicks are when someone takes an action within your campaign. This is when someone clicks on a link. Hope this all was helpful in making a decision to join MyLeadGenSecrets.