ClickBank Affiliate Master - My Pick of The Year

ClickBank Affiliate Master is a software program created by John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson. The reason they created it was because they needed to create a discount page for a big name marketer in order for him to promote a product of theirs they were selling on ClickBank.  Since creating this product they have generated over $100,000 in extra sales in the first 6 months alone.

If you sell on ClickBank you will know it can be quite frustrating that you can only have one ‘pitch’ page, this effectively means your affiliates can only promote one product or service. Not very effective if you want to create a specialised discount page for your affiliates to promote.

ClickBank Affiliate Master solves this problem, all you need to do is upload the software to your webspace and then add a few lines of text and your affiliates ClickBank ID. ClickBank Affiliate Master will then generate a special code you then give to your affiliate. It can even generate the discount page for you.

Think about this for a minute, imagine being able to tell your affiliates they can have their own unique discount page. What would this do for your sales?

I have used ClickBank Affiliate Master and to be honest I’m amazed no one has done this before. It’s one of those ‘Why Didn’t I Think Of That’ products, it’s so beautifully simple but deadly effective.

Not only do John and Dave supply the software but they also supply a ton of videos to show you how to get the most out of their software including a ton of marketing tips.

If you sell products via ClickBank this is quite simply a must have product that will help you generate more sales from your affiliates. 




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